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Are you prepared for Flu Season?

December 25, 2010

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance is prepared to help. 


ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance has prepared effective data on the registered SaniMaster 6 disinfectant, specific cleaning procedures, as well as an effective action plan for all of our customers.


How was ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance able to react so quickly? ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance has been helping companies for over 38 years, providing essential cleaning to help maintain safety and health. During those years ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance developed the most advanced products, methods and equipment, created in our own laboratory and produced to our strict standards. 


ServiceMaster Clean’s proprietary cleaning systems not only exemplify the philosophy of cleaning without harming, but also help reduce sick day absences and improve indoor air quality by removing more dust and debris from the facility than traditional cleaning methods.